Robert Cigán
Skype: robert.cigan
+420 608 560 735
Czech Republic
Me at Hoover Dam, Colorado river, Black Canyon, Arizona side Me at Hoover Dam, Colorado river, Black Canyon, Arizona side

About Me

I'm a computer enthusiast - a little bit of nerd and geek. I'm also a husband and a father. In 2011 I started being a freelancer and my life changed a lot. It became more dynamic and suprising and helped me a lot to become a better professional Ruby on Rails developer.

Ruby on Rails, computers, husband & father, RC cars

I use MacBook Pro as a developer and I really love it. In a very small amount of free time that I can have I usually race RC offroad cars.


I have been working with Ruby on Rails for couple of years. My first encounter with a real MVC was in Java (Tapestry/Spring/Hibernate). It was a great refreshing time after some PHP work which always ended up with headaches. In 2006 I tried using Rails (0.9beta at that time) and I was thrilled by it's convenient way of doing things right and easy. Since that I work as a full time Rails developer. The more Rails is evolving the more I'm happy and satisfied with the Rails and Ruby language.

As I'm not a frontend specialist nor designer, I do my best at creating and developing Ruby on Rails stack and mostly backend. To bring the best I use and I really love the test driven development.

Java => Ruby on Rails, since 2006 0.9b, <3 Ruby on Rails, backend developer, startups, long relationship with clients

Typical client of mine is a startup owner that takes from Rails development the ease and speed of bringing web apps quickly online, or well established company with a need of custom web application to help grow their business.

I'm currently working in a team of 3 developers - we call ourselves 3lancers. We have been working together for a long time. Me and Martin are backend developers and Tom is a frontend specialist. That combinations showed us a true power of a small development team. We work together on our clients projects, share the same office and thoughts.

As a developer I'm used to work on projects for quite a long time so my priority is to establish a long term relationship that also ensures my clients that I won't quit a month or two after the project is done. There's always a lot of work later.

My vision is to be a part of something successful that I can work on and use at the same time.

I'm currently help organize and give some talks at Ostrava Ruby Meetups, which is a local Ruby user group.

If you'd like to know more about me, my skills and anything that I can offer, please don't hesitate and let me know. I'm working in a small team of talended and smart people. In case I'm not available for hire I know other great developers that might be interested, you never know.


Knight Media Networks has been outsourcing a lot of projects to me and the team I work with since 2009. The most important and successful project I have worked on is which is a social startup for the equine industry. One of the first projects for this client was rebuilding the portal, which is quite a large CMS based website.


They also build custom CMS based websites for their customers and I help them to create and maintain those websites and the CMS backend.

I partially participated in backend development (lead developer Martin Hladil and frontend designer Tomáš Pavelka). Splore is a startup to connect people by meaningful way through internet based social networking.

My recent project that I work on is startup.


I was a teamleader and developer contracted by Skvělý.CZ that built university internal system the ISIS for the VSP a.s. university. The system runs various types of agenda and covers entire university ecosystem. This was the largest and most complex project I have ever came across.

Since 2011 I'm developing and maintaining reservation system for a sport center.

There's been a lot of other Ruby on Rails projects that I've built, worked on or participated in since 2006.